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Velimlje is the only settlement of Banjani which had held the status of borough since the end of the nineteenth century and existed as an administrative-trading settlement until 1960, when it lost the status of the municipal center, even though it is still considered a municipality with a civic office.

The Banjani is a dry area whose inhabitants build rainwater tanks to collect and store rain water. Those reservoirs are called “waters” in Banjani.

In the past, “waters” were hewn in a rock, and a broad stone plateau was used to collect rainwater. Bishop Sava Konstantinović built the largest rainwater reservoir of this kind for his tribe in 1905.

The endowment of Bishop Sava Kosanović is known in Montenegro as Bishop’s Water with a volume of 1,300 cubic meters, and the catchment area of several hundred square meters. The Bishop’s Water is believed to have healing powers, and it is a gathering place where the people from the whole region can attend  an interesting entertainment and cultural programme once a year.

Latitude: 42.819937 | Longitude: 18.635857