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The statue is the first monument dedicated to Njegoš, not only in the former Yugoslavia, but in other countries as well. “Everything on the bust is apparent, realistic, and at the same time expressive with bursting energy, greatness, pride, wisdom, overwhelming tranquillity and unblurred self-confidence”.

Apart from the monument dedicated to the Liberators of Trebinje, the statue of Negoš was also founded by a poet and diplomat Jovan Dučić as a legacy to his hometown Trebinje. For this monument, Dučić engaged the best sculptor- Toma Rosandić, the creator of the sculpture ” Black Horses Prancing” placed in front of the National Assembly in Belgrade.

The monument to Njegoš is situated on a prominent place overshadowed by the city’s plane-trees, visible from three directions: from the south towards Orthodox Cathedral,  southwest towards the Memorial for the Victims of Fascism in the Second World War in the city’s park, and west towards the Palace of Justice and dormitory area.

On May 28th and 29th, 1934, Jovan Dučić uncovered the first monument dedicated to Petar II Petrović-Njegoš during the ceremony attended by a delegate of  King Aleksandar I Karađorđević.

The lowest art of the pedestal,  on the front made of  bronze,  has a Cyrillic inscription “NJEGOŠ”, and on its back “Тoma Rosandić, a sculptor, to the poet Jovan Dučić”. There is also another inscription “TO MY BELOVED TREBINJE, J. Dučić 1934”.

Latitude: 42.71073, Longitude: 18.345513