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Trnavačko Lake is a glacial lake nested underneath the mountain Maglić; it often freezes in winter, with abundant snow that sometimes remains until summer months.

It is surrounded by mountain ranges: Maglić, Bioč, Volujak, Vlasulja and Trnovački Durmitor, with peaks reaching over 2000 m.

Trnovačko Lake is the lake of impressive beauty. It is surrounded by forests, rocky cliffs and cone shaped limestone blocks, best known for its heart-like shape.

Trnovačko Lake cannot be reached by a vehicle. It is visited exclusively by true nature lovers, only on foot.

Trnovačko Lake is a starting point of a standard marked trail to Maglić, and it is also an ideal campsite for setting up a tent before the climb. Plenty of fish make this lake great location for fishing and, during the summer season, hundreds of tourists, campers and nature lovers visit this place.

Specific tracks and unusual terrain is what attracts adventurers to explore this terrain and face the challenges that nature puts before them. That is why it is necessary to improve hiking trails from Plužine to this jewel of nature.

GPS: 43⁰14′56″N   18⁰43′24″E